The Science

To date, more than 80 studies have already been published in prestigious health journals, including:

▪ British Journal of Nutrition

▪ International Immunopharmacology

▪ European Journal of Pharmacology

▪ Chinese Oncology Magazine

▪ China Pharmacology and Toxicology

▪ Cell Biology International

▪ Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine

▪ Journal of Ethnopharmacology

▪ Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology

▪ Research Communication Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology

▪ Chinese Patent Herbs

▪ Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

▪ Physiology Academic Journal

▪ Chinese Stomatology

Goji: Legendary Benefits Meet Modern Science

Many of the legendary health-giving properties of lycium barbarum (goji's Latin name) are today being confirmed in modern scientific studies, and this has led to the possibility of even more far-reaching benefits.

The GoChi effect. 19 ways to better health:

  • Less Fatigue
  • Improved Athletic Performance
  • Increased Energy
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Feeling Calmer
  • Increased Ability to Focus
  • Sharper Mental Acuity
  • Better Quality of Sleep
  • Easier Ablity to Wake Up
  • Feeling Healthier
  • Feeling more Content
  • Feeling Happier
  • Improved Bowel Regularity
  • Higher SOD Levels
  • Higher Glutathione Peroxidase
  • Less Free-Radical Damage
  • Increased Lymphocytes
  • Increased IL-2
  • Increased IgG

For more information goto PubMed and type in GoChi in the search box for a copy of this study.

PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

Under the microscope, goji has revealed itself to be one of the most nutritionally-dense foods on earth. Recent scientific studies published in the following journals and magazines have validated
why the ancients treasure goji.

The Science Team

At FreeLife, we are committed to being the driving force for international goji research to continue to unlock goji’s secrets for the betterment of mankind. FreeLife’s Science Team is comprised of leading experts in the fields of nutrition and health as Executive Officers with our Headquarters, and in an advisory capacity.

FreeLife Science Team

Rick Handel
Chief Product Officer

As a frequent speaker at FreeLife events, Rick Handel’s reputation as a goji expert precedes him. He has more than 30 years of experience in research and dietary supplement product formulation and he holds eight U.S. and international patents. He has dedicated his career to bringing new discoveries in nutritional science to light, and he has been instrumental in helping introduce HIMALAYAN GOJI® Juice to the world.


Haru Amagase, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

With a rich history in the nutraceutical industry, Dr. Haru Amagase holds a doctorate in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences from Hiroshima University in Japan, and performed post-doctoral fellowship in Nutrition at Pennsylvania State University. He has more than 25 years of experience in Research and Development, has published more than 30 scientific papers, and holds 12 patents. His insight and vast experience in nutraceutical product research will support FreeLife’s global efforts to share the powerful benefits of the unique polysaccharides in HIMALAYAN GOJI® Juice with the world.

Scientific Advisory Board

The members of the FreeLife Scientific Advisory Board are independent scientists or medical doctors. Their comments, opinions, and conclusions are those of each individual Board member. To maintain their status as independent scientists or medical doctors, the Board members do not endorse commercial products, including FreeLife's products.
Carmia Borek, Ph.D.

Carmia Borek, PhD, is an antioxidant expert with over 300 publications. She is currently a Professor at Tufts University.
Norman R. Farnsworth, Ph.D

Norman Farnsworth, PhD, is considered by many to be the #1 botanist in the world. He has over 500 publications and has been funded by the NIH since 1965.
Dwight M. Nance, Ph.D

Dwight Nance, PhD, is considered by many to be the #1 immunologist. He is a Professor at U of C at Irvine and also holds a PhD in psychology.
Julie Hazel Campbell, Ph.D., AO, FAA

Dr. Campbell is an expert in cardiovascular disease and currently is serving as a Professor and Director of the Center for Research in Vascular Biology at the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Queensland.
Vivienne Elizabeth Reeve, Ph.D.

An expert in photoimmunological research. Since 1989, Dr. Reeve has served as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney and is the Associate Editor for the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology and for Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences.
Richard S. Rivlin, M.D.

An expert in clinical nutrition, endocrinology and internal medicine. As a clinical-scientist, he has written over 160 research articles and is the author or editor of six books. Dr. Rivlin is currently a Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.